Publishers launch #RadicalDecember

December 1, 2020

The Radical Publishers Alliance, in partnership with Literal in Barcelona, have launched a programme for Radical December, featuring seventeen online events based across Britain, Canada and the US.

#RadicalDecember seeks to foreground the energy and urgency in radical publishing at the moment and to highlight the salience of radical ideas to crises ranging from mass incarceration and police violence to COVID-19 and climate change. The seventeen events, organised by publishers including Verso, Pluto Press, Haymarket Books and the Left Book Club, feature speakers including Angela Y Davis, Rachel Kushner and Gargi Bhattacharyya. The events cover themes including Black Lives Matter, movement-building and transnational freedom struggles, and how to pitch a book to a radical publisher.

Fazeela Jiwa, one of the organisers, said: “I’m really excited to be able to offer these events to the public. There has never been a more relevant time for these ideas, and we’ve seen that throughout 2020 with a real surge in interest in books that explore ways to re-make the world – I don’t think people want to just ‘get back to normal’ after a vaccine, for example – we’ve seen very clearly that ‘normal’ was already in crisis. People are desperate to talk about how we can begin to re-order the world to prioritise the things that are actually necessary for human thriving – friendship, community, green space, clean air, housing and healthcare and resources for all. #RadicalDecember is a crucial intervention in those conversations.”

Radical December events will be available to watch and participate in online. Participating publishers include Pluto Press (UK), Verso (US and UK), Haymarket (US), Left Book Club (UK), Fernwood Publishing (Canada), OR Books (US), Between the Lines (Canada), New Society Publishers (Canada), Charles H Kerr Publishing (US), Common Notions (US), and Kersplebedeb (Canada).